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Why You Need a Blog

Debating whether to create a blog for your small business?

business blogYou’ve probably heard from multiple sources that you should be blogging.  But, you may not have the time.  Also, you may not know why you should be blogging.

A Vivid Image small business marketing consultants can help you understand the reason for blogging as well as saving you time and money creating a blog for your Louisville based small business.

There are many reasons to blog about your small business, all good for your bottom line in the long run.

Why start a blog for your Louisville small business…

1) Free public relations. Get your company’s name and business concept out on the internet.

2) Become the expert. You know you’re the expert, now prove it. Let everyone else know just how good you are and how much you know about your target industry.

3) Build your followers. It’s a slow process, but the longer you are out there, the more people will find your blog. They are future sales and referrals just waiting to happen.

4) Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. People who like your blog will forward it and post links to it. The more your website is referred to others, and the more links coming into your website, the higher you appear in search engine rankings (SEO). And, search engines are a big key to your website’s success.

So what’s keeping you from starting your blog?

1)  Time?  

A Vivid Image can help by editing the blog you write and optimizing it for search engines.

Or, A Vivid Image can write the blog for you.  You pick the topic for your small business blog and A Vivid Image will research and write the blog, being sure to optimize it for your industry keywords.  You simply approve the blog prior to posting.

2) Funds?

Without the overhead of a big ad or marketing agency, rates at A Vivid Image are very reasonable.

At A Vivid Image you can choose from hourly or per-project pricing.  So, you only pay for what you can afford.  This means that starting your small business blog is flexible and easy.

If you have some time to do some basic writing, A Vivid Image will fine tune your blog for you.  Again, you only pay for what you can fit into your small business marketing budget.

Why choose A Vivid Image for your small business blogging needs?

  • Masters degree in communication with a focus on small business and non-profit branding;
  • Years of expertise learning sound business practices while working at large fortune 500 companies;
  • Success with a variety of local Louisville businesses and non-profit organizations;
  • Years of expertise with public relations, customer service, social media & traditional marketing tactics;
  • Understanding of small business marketing budget constraints;
  • Direct communication with the owner, quick response time and personal interactions;
  • No long-term contracts.

Learn more about A Vivid Image by reading recommendations on LinkedIn, Google and Manta.  Read more feedback on our testimonials page.


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