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Small Business Social Media

Is social media taking up too much of your small businesses time?

It’s a great idea… keep customers and their friends up-to-date on your business by making daily updates.  But, then you find yourself sucked into the social media hole and hours later you’ve learned all about your friends latest happenings, but only planned a few social media posts for the week.

Or better yet, you’ve asked an employee to make the updates only to find they took even longer than you, since they’ve been surfing the web for most of their time.

A Vivid Image has the answer for your Louisville small business.

Hire a social media expert to plan, coordinate and post your targeted social media messages.

1)  Save Time on Social Media  

A Vivid Image can help by augmenting your social media work.  Targeted messaging is quicker as A Vivid Image focuses on social media updates in advance and uninterrupted… not something that is easily accomplished by small business owners.

2) Save your Marketing Budget

Without the overhead of a big ad or marketing agency, rates at A Vivid Image are very reasonable.  And, without the waste you might experience while surfing the net or from customer interruptions, A Vivid Image efficiently creates your social media content.

At A Vivid Image you can choose from reasonable hourly or per-project pricing.  So, you only pay for what you can afford.  This means that making your social media updates is flexible and easy.

If you have time to do some basic writing or research,  A Vivid Image will fine tune your posts putting a focus on SEO and marketing finesse.  Again, you only pay for what you can fit into your small business marketing budget.

Why Choose A Vivid Image for your small business social media needs?

  • Masters degree with a focus on branding techniques for small business and non-profits;
  • Success with a variety of local Louisville organizations;
  • Expertise with public relations, customer service, social media, SEO techniques & traditional marketing tactics;
  • Understanding of small business budget constraints;
  • Direct communication with the owner, quick response time and personal interactions;
  • No long-term contracts.

Learn more about A Vivid Image by reading customer feedback on LinkedIn, Google and Manta .  Then, give us a call at 502-435-8825.