Hannelore B. Goldberg, owner of A Vivid Image, is a marketing communications professional who is passionate about helping small businesses and non-profits grow their client base through the use of powerful print marketing, web design, public relations and social media marketing services.Hannelore Goldberg small business marketing consultant

For the past 22 years, Hannelore has fine-tuned her marketing and public relations skills working with small mom-n-pop businesses, well-known non-profit organizations and large regional companies.

She capitalizes on knowledge earned with her Masters Degree in communication as well as past hands-on experience as an employee of large Fortune 500 companies such as GTE and MCI.

As a consultant, Hannelore’s true interest lies in bringing branding techniques used by these large organizations to a local level.

She has successfully tripled media coverage for several Kentuckiana non-profits. Her targeted messaging increased website hits tenfold for the local Junior Achievement office.  In addition, she has served as board chair of several organizations.

Hannelore brings the knowledge of big business and the passion of an entrepreneur to every client interaction.

In addition, she understands the unique time, financial and expertise constraints of small business owners and works to maximize your marketing dollars.

A partial list of clients include:

  •     KiZAN;
  •     Green Hill Therapy;
  •     Color Solutions, Louisville;
  •      RedE Realty
  •     Mattingly Edge
  •     Age Transitions;
  •     Crosshair Media Placement;
  •     Karr Custom Furniture;
  •     The Emancipation Network;
  •     American Red Cross of Bucks County;
  •     Philadelphia Theological Institute

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