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Yesterday I gave a seminar here in Louisville with two other dynamic consultants.  It was a very informative session on using storytelling as a sales strategy.

Probably my favorite part of the seminar is how we used personal stories to introduce each other.  Instead of the typical biographical introduction, we wove our resumes into our life story.  It was so much more engaging than simply listening to a bio.

There are things I learned from Kate’s and Mariam’s introductions that I would never have gotten from a typical seminar introduction:  Like how Kate’s career changing moment was inspired by being pulled from a vehicle by the “jaws of life”; or how Mariam had dreams of being a screen writer in LA, only to find out that she enjoys the less cut-throat atmosphere in Louisville.

These introductions proved how a story enhances any information you want to communicate.  It draws the listener in and engages them at a deeper level.

Next time you are pitching your product or services, or when you are approaching a potential donor or volunteer, tell a story.  Tell a story about how someone was changed by your organization, it will captivate them and help them connect with you.

Let A Vivid Image, Marketing Consulting help your Louisville business create a story that sells.