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What Are the Current Trends in Small Business Web Design?

As the technology we use changes, so does the way we do business.  If you are a small Louisville small business mobile ready websitesbusiness owner, you need to keep up with trends in web design so you can more efficiently set yourself apart from the competition.

How do you keep up with web design trends without breaking the bank?  Here are some of the trends and how you can easily implement them.

  1.  Responsive design:  At this point, responsive design is a must.  According to Pew Research Center at least 80% of mobile users surfed the web from their phones in 2015.  If they can’t read your website, they will leave.  In addition, Google is now dinging sites that are not mobile friendly.    Don’t jeopardize your search engine ranking by having an outdated site.  If you have an old site and are fairly tech savvy, consider transferring your content to a mobile ready WordPress template.  (I’d be happy to help you with this)  Or, if you have the funds, hire a web designer to create a site that is as dynamic on a phone as it is on a desktop or laptop.
  2. Oversized slider headers:  We are a visually oriented species and with only 8 seconds to create a first impression, large sliders can capture your readers attention.  This is especially important on a smart phone.  Find images that can communicate your business with impact.  Avoid overused stock photos or low quality snapshots.  Take high resolution photos of your business and then crop them to accentuate faces or action.
  3. Interesting fonts to grab attention:  Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit allow you to create interesting headlines, while still pairing the rest of your content with standard, readable font styles.
  4. Sketches:  We are not talking clip-art here, but fun whimsical illustrations that help a site feel more personal.  If you don’t have a graphic design firm at your disposal, visit sites like Shutterstock and Dreamstime to find artwork that fits your business.  Images and vector sketches can cost as little as $15.Icon samples
  5. Unique icons:  Again, personalize your website with unique graphic elements.  Vector artwork purchased online can then be customized in PhotoShop to create a one-of-a-kind look.  If there is minimal work, a graphic designer can do this for a reasonable cost.
  6. Bold colors:  Similar to print materials that take advantage of bold colors, you are starting to see more websites using vibrant colors.  Just make sure these colors stay true to your brand.  You can start by adding bold colors in your icons or typography and if it fits your business image, try bold, colorful banner images or backgrounds.

Be sure to implement some of these new trends to keep your site current, but most of all, make sure your website is user friendly.  Navigation should be clear and content relevant.  Then have fun with some of the more creative aspects of web design.