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Three Marketing Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

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Here we go… a new year and new goals.

Experts say most of our resolutions are abandoned before the end of February. Partially, this is due to the nature of the goals. Many are lofty, generic resolutions that are bound to meet their doom. So, to brighten up your New Year’s Resolutions, I’ll offer a few ideas that are easy for small business owners to keep.

Set aside time.

I know, with all that we do as owners or managers, that seems like an impossible task. But, if we do it correctly, we’re bound to win. For example, the first week of the month I am consumed with reporting and invoicing. So, it would be crazy for me to add a new task the first week of each month. But, by the second week, I usually have an hour or two to spare and can fit in a few tasks.

This is the perfect time for me to write a blog post or craft 5-10 social media posts that I can spread out over the month. So, at 10 am on the second Tuesday of each month, I work on my digital marketing. Using the right tools, you can automate your marketing. Thus, I can schedule these to post at whatever time I’d like. Hootsuite is great for social media posting. WordPress has a built-in scheduling option to easily post blogs when it’s convenient for you and your followers.

Right now, I want you to think of a time that each month you can do some digital marketing. Put it on your calendar… now. Don’t wait, just add it as a reoccurring event for each month. That is the first step to success, set aside the time to do it. Then, if you are unfamiliar with best practices for blogging or social media, use these links to learn more.

Gather Friends.

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What? What does gathering friends have to do with marketing your business?

They are your best sales people! Enlist them in small ways to help you spread your message. Again, as you read this, write down the names of 10 people who would be willing to spread your message on social media.

Here’s why… A crowd attracts a crowd. We are a curious species. When we see others in a store, we look to see what is for sale. When we see comments on social media posts, we read them to see what the conversation is about. When we hear others talking about a product or service we listen. Each time you write a blog or a social media post, send a message to these friends and ask them to comment, like and share. This gets the process started and others will join in. The more your message spreads, the more impressions and awareness your business gets.

Ask for Feedback.

The internet has been wonderful for allowing us to do research prior to a purchase. Most consumers regard detailed reviews more seriously then advertising. In addition, search engines consider reviews highly in their ranking algorithms. You need reviews to be noticed. Create a formal process for asking for reviews and administer it consistently throughout the year. I have had clients find me simply through my Google reviews. With more than 200 marketing agencies in Louisville and literally dozens and dozens of web designers, being found on Google is a BIG deal for my business.

Now What?

These three ideas are simple ways to beef up your small business marketing this year. Be sure to put action items for all three of them on your calendar. You are much more likely to do a task if you are reminded of it on your calendar.

Also, be sure to track your progress. Look at your social media reports each month to see if you are getting better results (impressions/interactions/clicks). Go to Google, Yelp and Facebook to see how often customers are posting reviews. Change up your processes slightly if you are not getting the results you want.

If you need any help implementing these ideas or training on marketing automation, give me a call… 502.435.8825.

Happy New Year!