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“The King’s Speech”

I saw the movie “The King’s Speech” this weekend. Wonderful story. I laughed, got choked up, and eventually cheered (internally that is).

It also made me think about how many of us have our own version of a speech impediment… something that we carry around from childhood that hinders our adult life.

Even if we aren’t subjected to abuse, most of us have something small that we must overcome to succeed. Maybe it’s the lack of confidence at a task, or the inability to stand up for ourselves when confronted by a bully in the workplace. Whatever it is, to truly feel successful in life, we must put these small impediments behind us.

Chances are, we, just like the King, have people who are championing for us. Spouses, parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers.

I am constantly amazed at the wonderful people I’m meeting as I network for my business. I’ve met people who have helped me overcome a small barrier during a sale, people who have referred business to me, even people who have lifted me up emotionally when business is slow.

I’m betting that if you think about your business, you can find some similar stories to “The King’s Speech”.  Maybe not worthy of a movie… but moving just the same.