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Although the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, there are a few things you can do that should hold keywords louisville ky

Keywords are the way that search engine spiders find and categorize your website.  The more keywords you use, the better chance you have of being found by a potential customer or donor.

Here are four ways to boost your keyword saturation on your website:

  • The title of each page on your site should use keywords within the first 3 words.
  • The meta tags for each page should include every keyword associated with your business.
  • Images on your site should have “alt tags” that include keywords.  If you have a site that is heavy on graphics such as an artist’s site or retail site, make sure that each image is tagged properly.
  • Within the text on each page, be sure to use a variety of keywords.  But, don’t make it so obnoxious that it alienates your reader.  That is a sure way to have someone leave your site.

As a note:

  • Be sure to research the keywords that your industry uses.  Do not fill your site with jargon that your typical web surfer will not be using.
  • Keep  in mind that keywords are only one way that search engines rank your site.  Strong, relevant keywords help categorize your site, not rank it.

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