Social Media Tips & Best Practices

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Getting Started on Social Media: Just like Traditional Networking, social media networking takes time and multiple interactions to develop relationships. Have a Plan.  Know your target audience and how to reach them.  Decide how you will measure success. (see more below) Mere Exposure Theory is used in advertising and translates to social media also.  "The … Continue reading Social Media Tips & Best Practices

3 Tips for Networking Success

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When I first started my consulting business, I dreaded going to networking events.  I was young, new to the consulting world and a recent transplant in a very big city.  At that point in my life, I was unaware of how to successfully network.  As I've matured, I've learned that it's not really as hard … Continue reading 3 Tips for Networking Success

Your Small Business’ Biggest Brand Asset…

For those of you who know me, I'm all about branding.  My masters thesis was about non-profit branding -- many years before non-profits embraced traditional branding methods.   As a small business consultant, I address branding with my clients before we take on any marketing efforts.  So it's not unlike me to constantly look at … Continue reading Your Small Business’ Biggest Brand Asset…

4 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Small Business Website

Spring has sprung and with the warmer weather many folks decide to spruce up their home or office.  But spring cleaning shouldn't just be reserved for buildings or grounds.  Your marketing materials and small business website should also get a thorough "cleaning". Here are tips and tools for how to "spring clean" your business' website: Test … Continue reading 4 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Small Business Website

5 Tips to Keep Your Headlines From Seeming Like Clickbait…

We see them every day, those annoying headlines that work too hard to draw you in... enticing you to read an article or view a promotion.   When you get to the serving website are you impressed?  Or, does the article or promotion typically disappoint you because you had higher expectations? I'm guessing that we've … Continue reading 5 Tips to Keep Your Headlines From Seeming Like Clickbait…

Is Your Website Unresponsive ?

I've been interested recently to see so many websites that are not responsive.  For those of you new to this term, if a website is "responsive", it means the public can view it efficiently on a variety of devices.  The coding on the website allows the site to respond to the width of the device.  So … Continue reading Is Your Website Unresponsive ?

When should a small business spend money on marketing?

I had a wonderful visit this morning with some leaders at a local non-profit.  They are wanting to figure out their next move as they try to grow their organization. I'm writing about this experience because I think small businesses are much like a non-profit.  Both types of organization are mission driven, limited on resources, and limited on … Continue reading When should a small business spend money on marketing?