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I see it all the time when working with clients, sometimes I even exhibit some tendencies myself… actions that limit success.

When it comes to your business, you are constantly faced with decisions that will make the difference between simply surviving and truly thriving.

Here are some marketing mistakes I hope you’ll avoid:

  • Assuming that sales and marketing are the same thing… Marketing is letting the public know how you can fulfill their needs. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Show them how your company is unique and how you can make their life easier or better.
  • Relying on one or two marketing techniques… Be sure to utilize advertising, web based marketing, printed materials,  social/interactive marketing and public relations. Don’t get stuck just using what’s easy.
  • Throwing money at marketing, but not investing any of your time… It takes both time and money to become a success. If you pay for advertising, take the time to track the results from the ad. If you don’t have the dollars to advertise then take the time to target your potential customers with very specific mailings or cold-call visits.
  • Expecting instant results… Give yourself at least one fiscal quarter to see the results of a marketing campaign. Don’t rush it.
  • Not dumping a losing campaign… On the other hand, if you find after several quarters that you have limited return on your marketing investment, stop the campaign. Move on to something else and figure out what works for your market.

If you are in Louisville, KY and would like some marketing consulting assistance, give me a call.

Wishing you much success during the second half of 2011!