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Not just any holiday card or gift…

This holiday season instead of simply sending a card, box of chocolates, or caramel popcorn, how about trying something different and standing out?

Think about it, when you get the holiday card from your longtime vendor, it’s nice, but is it a big deal?  Would you miss it if a company didn’t send you a card?  Probably not.

So instead of doing the ordinary, how about doing something more unusual?

I remember several years ago a graphics company that we’d hired during the year made a donation in my company’s name.  What a great idea.

Yes, we got a card from them.  But that card told us that a local charity received money in our honor.  I thought that was wonderful.  Why not give it a try?Dog gift

Even better, if your client is partial to a specific non-profit, donate to that organization.  You can find out this information either by chatting with the receptionist, reviewing the company’s website to see if they have a page dedicated to their community outreach, or by looking at the LinkedIn profile of your client.  LinkedIn now has a feature highlighting “causes”.  A few minutes of research could result in a wonderful bonding opportunity with your client.

If you have any other thoughts about business gift giving, let me know.  I’m sure my followers would enjoy your ideas.

Happy Holidays!