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Is Your Website Unresponsive ?

responsive websiteI’ve been interested recently to see so many websites that are not responsive.  For those of you new to this term, if a website is “responsive”, it means the public can view it efficiently on a variety of devices.  The coding on the website allows the site to respond to the width of the device.  So if a smart phone user views a website, the content appears in a narrow layout.  This is so the user doesn’t have to scroll from side to side.  If someone on a laptop views the site, everything typically will be large enough to fill the screen.  This makes for improved viewing no matter how you access the internet.

A Neilsen study in 2014 indicated that 85% of cell phone buyers are now choosing a smart phone.  In addition, Internet Retailer reports “61% of U.S. adult smartphone users made at least one purchase from their device in the last six months; and among those mobile buyers, 73% made four or more purchases, according to the 2nd Annual Mobile Shopping Survey from RadiumOne, an online and mobile advertising technology firm.”

So what does that mean for a small business owner?  Search Engine Watch asserts that 99.5 % of mobile phone users access information via their phones.   Even if you don’t sell online, you should make your website responsive. Smart phone users will quickly navigate away from a website that makes them scroll from side to side.

Don’t loose business simply because your site isn’t smartphone friendly.  Contact your web developer if your site hasn’t been optimized for smartphones.  Custom coding can be added and there are even 3rd party vendors who can make your site responsive.  DudaMobile is one example of a service that can take your existing site and configure it for mobile devices.

For those of you in Louisville, contact A Vivid Image at 502-435-8825 if you have any questions on how to make your website a more efficient marketing tool.