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Best Practices for Facebook for Business

small business social mediaI’ve been watching some of my clients Facebook pages and while enjoying some of the posts, also inwardly cringing.

I like to see staff photos and congratulatory posts, but some of the business pages are looking too much like a personal Facebook page.

Here’s some tips on merging good quality business information while adding a personal flair…

  1.  Is the photo you are posting of a staff member or client? If the answer is no, think before posting. What does this photo have to do with your business? Is it an industry expert? If so, that’s good. It’s best if photos are somehow dealing with your employees, business or industry.
  2.  What is the ratio of business posts to personal posts? If more than 30% of your updates are personal in nature, your customers might start ignoring your posts. Remember, the main reason for any business social media is to engage the reader. What is in it for them?
  3.  Are you grasping for content? Make sure you are following clients, vendors and industry publications. It’s easy to re-post or share someone else’s work. It’s great for their exposure and it helps you come up with content. Also, look for trends in your industry and periodically ask questions of your followers. Engage them in a conversation.
  4.  Contests are nice if you don’t overuse them. And, always, always, always follow-up with the winner in a timely fashion.  If you don’t then they will let others know via a comment on your page.

For help harnessing social media for your business, give me a call 502-435-8825.