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The number one mistake I see small businesses make with their marketing materials is too much text, too many colors, too many different fonts.

As a society with a “super sized” mind set, we are tending to think more is better. But, it’s not.

I’ve seen beautiful documents created by graphic designers that I would never want to read because there is too much text.

Why take 5 minutes of my time to read something that I should be able to review in 1 minute.

Remember, you have only a few seconds to make that first impression with a potential customer. Don’t blow it with websites, brochures, or flyers with too much up-front information.

Catch their attention, make the document pleasant on the eye, and then reel them in to tell them more.

Write with clarity, brevity and powerful words. You can give the detail further inside a brochure or deeper in the website. Let someone choose to be overwhelmed with words; don’t force it on them upfront.

Finally, always have a neutral third party look at your marketing materials before you go to print, or before your website goes live. They will be the best example of a potential customer. Listen to their words of feedback.