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I’m not the only one…

You might remember my last blog “Pricing Wars” focused on customer service.

As, you see below, I’m not the only one who realizes that superior customer service is the way to grow your business.

Manta, an on-line business resource recently sent this daily reminder…

“Beat the Competition With Better Service”

“Contrary to popular opinion, most purchasing is not based on the lowest price. Service is a key component in many buying decisions and can take many forms: shorter turnaround in shipping, a customer-friendly website, dealing with problems quickly, admitting, correcting, and paying for mistakes. Excellent service almost always wins out in the end.”

I like their focus on having a customer friendly website and efficient shipping — these are two aspects of customer service that might get overlooked by companies.

As a side note:  Be sure to list your business with Manta.  It’s a great way to receive useful tips, and your business will be visible in search results.  I’ve noticed that, depending on the industry, a business listed with manta is often on the first page or two of a Google search.