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Goodness in the Marketing World

Website for nonprofits

As a marketer, sometimes I  have a tendency to notice the more annoying aspects of marketing.  Selling wants vs. needs, those pesky ads popping up all over my computer screen, the businesses that try to scam SEO which makes searching the internet for products or information frustrating.

Then something will happen to remind me that most of us in the marketing world are really good and altruistic people.

I have a new non-profit client that needs a website build.  Since I’m not a coder, I love using WordPress premium templates.  This is where I came across a new, amazingly feature-rich template.

Now, just because it was such a beautiful template isn’t the reason I need to write about it.  The beauty of this template is why it was developed and who it helps.

The developers at Anariel Design had seen a British documentary about Virunga National Park. They were so taken with the plight of the park rangers in their efforts to save the last surviving mountain gorillas that the developers at Anariel created a template geared towards non-profits.

The beauty and surprise about this template is their demo actually serves as an awareness builder and fundraiser for the cause.  Brilliant !

Personally, I’m a little soft on this cause, as I’ve trekked for the mountain gorillas in Uganda 18 years ago.  So, I know the precarious situation, with poachers, war torn towns and the need to clear forests for farm land.  How can you not donate once you’ve learned about this amazing spot on our earth?Virunga

So this blog is dedicated to all of the marketing teams out there that donate time and talent for a cause they are passionate about.

And, for any of you who would like to learn more about mountain gorillas and their native habitat, please visit any of the links in this blog.

Blessings for a healthy and prosperous 2016.