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Before I get into the core content of my blog, I’d like to take a minute to give thanks.  Thanks to my clients, my blog followers, and to everyone else who makes my life wonderful and fun.  So, thank you for all the blessings you bestow on my life!

OK, now for my Black Friday comments…

Like most other humans, I love a good deal.  I buy very little at full price.  And, as we know, most retailers rely on Black Friday as a catalyst for their holiday season.

But this year, despite all the hype we hear from the big box stores, try to “stay local” when you can.

As a small business owner yourself, think of the small retail shops as your top destinations.Sale

My family has made a tradition of shopping at local antique malls or going gallery hopping on Black Friday.

We find the shop owners warm and the atmosphere friendly.  There are some crowds, but nothing crazy.  And, we find wonderful, one of a kind gifts for family and friends.

My oldest daughter has a great collection of antique (from the 70’s) jewelry.  Her friends are always asking her where they can find these items.  At this point, these pieces are pretty much “one of a kind”.  This makes her very unique in her friends’ eyes.

We’ve gone to glass blowing shops where you can make your own ornaments.  And, we shop for small, hand-made items from local artists.

None of this has to be too pricey, you can still get a “deal” when you look for it.  But, in the process, you are helping a fellow small business owner, and giving really unique holiday gifts.  Give it a try.

Happy Thanksgiving.