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5 Tips to Effectively Use Facebook Live for Business

facebook live

We have seen other people’s posts and probably, by this time, the Facebook TV commercial also.  Facebook wants you to use their live video feature.

But is it for everyone?  Should businesses use it just because it is there?  Below are tips for using Facebook Live to promote your small business.

Here are my suggestions for harnessing the power of Facebook Live

1)  Have an overall plan.

How will this new feature fit into your existing marketing efforts?  Hopefully your small business has an annual marketing plan.  It doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering, just a monthly or weekly layout of what you want to communicate, how you want to communicate and the eventual goals of the communications.  Add Facebook Live where it makes sense.

2)  Have a plan for each post.Louisville small business mobile ready websites

The  beauty of Facebook Live is just that… it is live.  So, you can interact with your viewers in a more personal fashion.  But if no one is watching, then why be live?  You might as well prerecord and upload a video if you don’t promote the live event and garner any viewers.

Here are the steps you should take before going live:

A) Pick a topic that will resonate with viewers.
B) Find a time when your viewers tend to be available.
C) Plan your content.
D) Promote the live post on different media platforms.
E) Be ready to interact with viewers.

3)  Be Personal. 

Answer questions that might have been posted on your site.  Use the names of your followers when appropriate.  Smile and be casual.  To feel comfortable with the content, practice prior to recording.

4)  Analyze and adjust. graphs

After each live post, analyze the feedback, post reach and number of interactions you get on the posts.  Keep in mind, you will get additional views after the event.  Duplicate concepts when successful and drop ideas that don’t work.

5)  What makes a successful live post?

Some businesses lend themselves to more effective live posting.   Here are some ideas:

A) Does your business involve motion or sound?  Ski resorts, dance studios, party venues, music venues, sports complexes, etc.

B) Does your business involve technology or concepts that can be confusing?  Try going live with help videos, trouble shooting sessions, etc.

C) Do you have a storefront?  Why not highlight your location and what is happening on a particular day?   Get viewers excited about different products by featuring them in a video.

D) Does your business involve celebrities, well-known locals or special events?  Help your viewers feel they are part of the excitement when something happens that has limited seating or availability.  Your viewers will be part of the fun even if they can’t be there.

Below are additional links with great ideas to make successful Facebook Live posts:

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Let me know if you have any additional ideas or feedback.

(Note: Feature image is from the Facebook Live site)