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What’s Your Business’ New Year’s Resolution?

I’m pretty good at thinking of something each year as my personal New Year’s Resolution, but seeing as this is my first year back to full-time consulting, I think that focusing on my business resolution is just as important.

My guess is, that in similar fashion to my personal resolution, it will be some bad habit I have that needs rectifying.  It’s not that my personal habits are horrible, but I’m guessing that a few of them limit me in some capacity.

Hmmm, probably the same for my business… Maybe a habit to break might be the fact that I don’t follow up on leads quickly enough.  Or, here’s a good one…filing my paperwork before it takes over my office!

Think about your business, are there habits you have that limit your success? There might be some very simple changes that can improve your bottom line.

But, don’t try to change several things at once, focus on one important flaw, and give it all your efforts.  You can always attack those other bad habits later in the year.   🙂

Here’s hoping that you all have a wonderful new year!