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Google Places – Are You There?

As a small business you are constantly trying to get noticed.  Did you know that there are free detailed listings on the internet that can help customers learn more about you? 

If you have a storefront or professional office space, you want to register with Google Places. .

Then ask some of your current and past customers to search for you and rate you on Google.  Those endorsements will place you higher in the rankings, and let potential customers know about your products or services.

But, be aware once you are on Google Places, anyone can rate your business.  If you have a customer who has a bad experience, fix it quickly.  If you don’t they might just tell all of cyberspace.  You want to keep up with your reviews so your overall feedback is positive.  And, take care of those few negative interactions so they become positive.

Also, don’t try to scam the system.  Google has an algorithm to screen out false reviews, and will actually “degrade” your listing until it determines which reviews are legitimate.

Overall, Google Places is a wonderful tool for both the business owner and the consumer.