Social Media For Small Business…

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Most small business owners I know are dabbling with social media to help gain awareness.  But, there is confusion on what to post and how to interact with followers to gain traction. If you engage in social media to help build your business, keep these tips in mind to augment your business versus becoming part … Continue reading Social Media For Small Business…

Free Small Business Tools

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They say nothing in life is free, but for small businesses many services are free. I've listed my favorite free online tools for small business owners.

Social Media Tips & Best Practices

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Getting Started on Social Media: Just like Traditional Networking, social media networking takes time and multiple interactions to develop relationships. Have a Plan.  Know your target audience and how to reach them.  Decide how you will measure success. (see more below) Mere Exposure Theory is used in advertising and translates to social media also.  "The … Continue reading Social Media Tips & Best Practices

Increasing Your Small Business Sales with Targeted Messaging

Marketing for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, you may not have the funds to invest in a lot of advertising or software that pushes your marketing messages.  But, there are still cost-effective ways  you can deliver targeted marketing messages and increase sales. 1)  Segment your mailing list Yes, this takes some work, but the payoff can … Continue reading Increasing Your Small Business Sales with Targeted Messaging

5 Tips to Effectively Use Facebook Live for Business

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We have seen other people's posts and probably, by this time, the Facebook TV commercial also.  Facebook wants you to use their live video feature. But is it for everyone?  Should businesses use it just because it is there?  Below are tips for using Facebook Live to promote your small business. Here are my suggestions … Continue reading 5 Tips to Effectively Use Facebook Live for Business